I am Lindsey Lieu. And I have been gifted with creativity and a unique view of the world. Looking at the world, it seems a bit scary to me - and sometimes that's enough for me to want to hide away forever. But then I remember life...

The adventure of it...the journey through it...and I know that I could not live without seeking out such a wonderful path through the cosmos.

I want to take you on a trip with me, through my mind, but not only mine, the part of me that makes me creative. Everyone holds bits of creativity, but then there are those of us that live on it, breathe it, and experience it everyday. We are a unique breed and want to be in the world, but not of the world. We want to touch that bit of oblivion in which there are no words to describe an experience. Make sense? To most people, probably not. But hopefully, that's where I come in. Join us on this journey of creativity and learn about the life of someone who is mental ill but fighting every bit of the black abyss.