My work is deeply personal & comes from my experiences and observations. I take what I know about life, love, childhood, stories, & I discuss by visually talking about these themes. I am a storyteller & my nature pushes me to tell certain stories that I can’t put into words by putting them in art.

There are many things important to visual storytelling but I find my most powerful weapons to be concept, color, & construction. The concept holds the theme that I want to discuss. The colors I choose are what I use to create an evocative state of being. By construction I mean the tools & mediums I use for a specific piece that hopefully echo the meaning of its creation.

I strive to invoke a sense of curiosity. Artwork may not answer all the questions but it should prompt important conversations to begin within the viewers. If people can get to an important conclusion on their own rather, the message will resonate for a lot longer & hopefully make more of a difference.