Artist Statement

I strive to make artwork that is deeply personal and is rooted in my life experiences and observations. I take what I know about life, love, childhood, stories, & discuss these themes by use of visual storytelling. I am a storyteller by nature and this drives me to tell stories that I can’t put into words by putting them in art.

There are many things important to visual storytelling but I find my most powerful weapons to be concept, color, & construction. The concept holds the theme that I want to discuss. The colors I choose are what I use to create an evocative state of being. By construction, I mean that the tools & mediums I use are meant to echo the meaning of its creation. Meaning that if I am visually talking about a subject that is negatively affected by time, I will choose a material that naturally ages or degrades.

I strive to invoke a sense of curiosity. Artwork may not answer all the questions but it should prompt important conversations that start with an art piece and continue into the audience. If people can get to an important conclusion on their own rather than having it spelled out, the message will resonate for a lot longer & hopefully make more of a difference.

Bio & Experience

I am, in my very essence, a creative soul. Anything artistic, I have a passion for. Painting at a young age led to advanced art classes throughout life. Eventually, I received my BFA in studio art, concentration in sculpture, from Colorado State University in Ft. Collins. From there, I lived abroad in Stockholm, Sweden, still living a creative life and participating in an art show while there. Coming back to the states in 2012, I continued to create and build my work, joining in a variety of shows in the past few years. After studying sculpture and foundry work in college, I worked for the Grapevine Foundry starting in 2014 and had the privilege of working along side the artisan team to create the "Imagine," the Bronze Unicorn Pegasus that resides on the top of the Grapevine Visitor's Bureau in Grapevine, Texas.

September of 2016 held my first solo exhibition: "The Creative Meltdown." 

Thank you for your support and interest! 

Areas of work: 
Video production & post-production
Graphic Design
Partner dance: blues, swing, salsa, country, and more

Lindsey is also an excellent reader and a very good coffee drinker. Like expert level. 



2019 Pop Up Show, West Elm Saint Louis, January 26th

2018         "Happycolor," Plano, TX Dec 6th - Jan 25th, solo art exhibition

                "Small Works IX," Webster Groves, MO - March 1st - 31st

“Inside Our Own Universes,” Saint Louis Renaissance Hotel - June

2017         "Art In The Atrium 14," Frisco, TX - April to September

                "Art of Possibilities," at Courage Kenny, Minneapolis, MN - April 27th - May 19th

                "Just My Height," Miami, FL - March 7th - 11th

                "Collector's Choice," at Studio Channel Islands, L.A., CA - March 4th - 25th

                "El Corazón," at The Bath House, Dallas, TX -  February 4th - March 4th

2016         Arts goggle, Fort worth, tx - october 8th

                "The creative meltdown," solo art exhibition, fort worth, tx - sepT 16th

2015         The Misfit Gallery, dallas, tx - February - March

2014         The Misfit Gallery, dallas, tx - October - December

2013          Sugar Does Dallas, Dallas, TX - March 15

                 Blow Up Gallery, Dallas, TX, - February

2012          Give Thanks: Tarrant Area Food Bank Fundraiser, by Art-Hunger, Ft. Worth, TX -


                  Infinite Possibilities (Charity Show), The Rugby House, Frisco, TX - November 10

                  Pottery in the Park, Ft. Worth, TX - October 13-14

                  Provocation, RAW Art Show, Dallas, TX - October 11

                  Art Gallery Show, 3K Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden - February

2011           BFA Exhibition Show, Hatton Gallery, Ft. Collins, CO - May 2-13

                  Formula, Glass Box Gallery, Ft. Collins, CO - March 7- 27

                  Books, Mugs Coffee Shop, Fort Collins, CO - April 1

2009          On Your Own Time, Hubb International Art Show, Dallas, TX