I definitely want to hear from you guys on what you want to hear about, but let me start of with some introductory information.

My resume says that I am not a formula. And although that’s true, if I was one it might look something like this:


25 (years) + 2 (mental disorders) + 3 (parts grey) + 1 (part red) + 1 (part blue) + Green amounts of love + 100,000 (words) + Plenty of red hair dye + 62% (water) + 10 (countries) + 100 (cities) + 1000 (lifetimes) + 98% (human) + 100% loved+ Random amounts of shiny + Yellow (parts creative) = Something Resembling Me


I haven’t actually tried to do the math because of the three kinds of people in the world, those who can count and those who cannot, I am the latter.

Regardless, I hope this gives you kind of an idea of how my brain works.  I’m definitely right-brained…I may have lost my left-brain in a mental garage sale a few years back. I try to keep organized but things kinda fly off their shelves in my brain like there’s a poltergeist at play. It’s as if every time I get one bookshelf organized, I turn around and another one is all out of sorts. It’s like being in Wonderland; nothing makes sense, but it sure is an interesting ride.

So what’s your formula? What are things that make up you?