Why a melting snowflake...seems a bit dreary...

But it's not and here's why...

I wanted something that incorporated both water and snow - two of my favorite things (and both subjects of a two-part tattoo I want.) One tiny snowflake is unique among all the billions of others; one tiny drop of water is just one little part of a giant ocean. So what are we? A drop in the ocean or an extraordinary snowflake?
I think we get to decide.
We are but a breathe on this earth and it's time to stand up and declare war on mediocrity and wasting time on mere wishes. Make the jump; do the thing. 
I know this is all kinda cheesy, but it's how my brain thinks.
Being caught between creation and melting is what we are and we need to embrace the moment and live a beautiful life. Not that that task is easy or simple. Sometimes I don't even want to do it myself, but that's reality. 
So go out and do something exciting!