Here’s one of my big struggles: I want to be unique and different and special. But I want everyone to accept and love me for being unique and different and special.

And that’s not really how it works.

Recently, I realized that I had to choose. There was no wanting to be a non-conformist, but still being loved by everyone. I had to accept that there are just some people that are not going to like me and that’s okay.

You can be the world’s juiciest peach, but there is still going to be someone out there that doesn’t like peaches.

Oddly enough, I don’t like peaches. But I kind of imagine the saying referring to an apple or a raspberry (here’s a tip: want to win my favor, give me raspberries; I love me some raspberries.)

            I think that as human beings we long to be accepted and loved. But when did that desire become something that everyone needs to fulfill? Isn’t the acceptance and love of one very important person in your life worth more than hundreds of others?

            I don’t have answers really, I am just pointing out something that I am struggling with and deal with on a regular basis. But I am trying to not care anymore. (By the way, I am not saying to take this to the extreme and just say, “screw you” to the whole world. Neither extreme is a good way to go.) What I am saying is that as we are kind, honest people going about our lives, if someone rejects us then that’s their problem and not ours. We’ve done our duty of being kind and honest people and that’s as far as we need to go. After all, the key to failure is trying to make everyone happy, isn’t it?