What’s the goal?

I like goals; they inspire me and I work hard to accomplish them. So what’s the goal of this blog? Besides documenting the life and experience of being an artist, this blog actually does have a very important date coming up…what day is that? You will have to wait and see when…but I will tell you what the event is.

When I have finished my new development of my portfolio, which you will see updates about on here, there will be a big celebration and my first solo art exhibition.

That, my friend, will be a night of greatness.

We will come together, see the work, discuss life, support a good cause, and enjoy some taste-y goodness. So that is what we are working towards on here, a great event. If all goes as planned, that event will lead to an announcement that tells what the “next” is for this blog. And that is something you definitely don’t want to miss. ; )

As the dates solidify, I will be making announcements, so hold tight! 

Besides the set up for the big art exhibition, I want to connect artists with artists. I want to show society what it is like to live as a sensitive creative in this very rough world we live in. I want artists to know they are not alone, that we are all in this together. Whether we are having inspirationally creative days, or not even able to get out of our beds, we are here for one another. This is why your role is important: join in and share the journey. We are all apart of this together. Don't let this life pass you by. 

Thank you for your support! I look forward to what is coming! Feel free to comment with ideas and inspirations for this blog!