I am re-building my portfolio. Why “re-building” you may ask. Well, when your current collection of art that you have been gathering for 10 or more years ends up getting accidentally thrown away by someone’s housekeeper, you realize there’s a lot of new work that needs to be done. (True story, by the way.)

And that’s not all.

I’ve had my art stolen and thrown away before, all by people that I have had no ability to confront, but still had to learn to forgive. So now I’ve reached the third time that a collection of my art has gone missing, never to be returned, and I am ready for the new.

Don’t get me wrong; anger was my first reaction. Quite a lot of anger, actually. However, it is now time to move forward and create for new purposes and new visions.

My first piece is going to be a memorial piece, a tip of the hat to all that was lost. This piece will stand to represent what has been and what will be remembered. I had an idea for what I wanted it to look like, but when I fell asleep the other day, I new painting came to me in a dream. (Sounds like a fairytale, right?) And so begins the journey of the first piece. I won’t show you any preliminary work, but I will say it involves fire. To what extent, I will not say. Actually, a lot of my work seems to involve fire. Interesting fact.

So don’t let destruction and disappointment lead to your own destruction, let it be the fire of a new birth. Create something from it that will benefit you and the world.