Sometimes, in the middle of everything I stop and ask myself, what am I doing? Surely I’m not taking this huge risk and starting a vulnerable, open, overly honest blog with an art show deadline. And then I remember that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Life is already scary, so why shouldn’t I add more risk to it. We all die at some point anyways. But few [people] really live. (Yes, that bit is from Braveheart. It’s my favorite movie.) But it’s true! We could float along and see where life takes us, or we could stand up and have a say about it. I’d much rather have my opinion count for something.

I just want you all to know that writing and creating this blog may not seem like a crazy thing to you, but trust me when I say, it makes my bones shake. It’s not easy! Sometimes I want to freak out. But I chose this right? So I guess I am saying that it’s okay to be scared of something and still do it. That’s what courage is all about.

And I will be honest, sometimes I want to edit my thoughts and only say nice things on here, but that’s not real life. I am raw and have jagged edges, like a torn piece of paper. I just want whatever goes on my paper to be something of meaning. It doesn’t have to be beautiful in the societal sense, but in a true, ‘honesty is beautiful’ sense. Make sense?


Anyways, I hope you appreciate my honesty and can relate to some of what I put out here. After all, connecting and relating and understanding are what it’s about.