Halloween has a negative connotation to a lot of people. I am talking about the idea that it is an excuse for girls to turn any costume into something…well, just something inappropriate on any other day of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about being comfortable in your own skin, but that isn’t the common reason for this “tradition.” Usually, it is to get attention. Now, let’s put that aside.

            Here’s why I LOVE Halloween: it is the opportunity to be truly creative in making an alternate persona for one evening. (This is also one reason that I love cosplay. Yes, I’m a geek, but we don’t have to get into that now.)

            Halloween is when everyone gets to play. It’s fun to be a princess or a dragon or a celebrity for one night. And this year was my favorite costume I’ve ever done.

            Also, I might have gone a little overboard…

            It took me two hours of painting and drying, but finally I was done. I won’t say I was finished, because in the essence of my costume I was meant to be unfinished. Nonetheless, I had a wonderful evening as an unfinished painting.

            Being the unfinished work of art that I was, I brought a pen for people to draw on me throughout the night, too. It was fun to see people really get into the idea of drawing on a work of art (even if it was, in reality, just my arm.)
            I challenge you, as the year turns around and Halloween approaches once again, try to be something that no one else will be. Come up with a costume that is truly unique and special. Be the creative soul that I know you are and dream up something out of this world.