Ok, so the year has more than started and already, I am so behind. But the exciting thing about that is that there is stuff to be behind with! I've got so much work coming in and going on that being bored is NOT an option. What a privilege. I am so grateful. 

The holidays? Not much to tell...
They were a struggle for me, but that's okay. I made it through and I'm glad to be on the other side. 

My real excitement came after the new year began. 
I had been very sad and sleep deprived and trying very hard to not become emotionally overwhelmed. When I realized something important...

This year has just begun. And I am NOT going to allow the first half of the first month to define my entire year. This will be a year of conquering and victory. So I decided. 

This was a big moment for me because I usually get stuck in the moment and forget to look at the big picture. Talk about revolutionary for me. Seems simple, but I really embraced it. 

I picked a theme for the year instead of making resolutions. (I'm not really a revolution kinda gal.) 
My theme is: FREEDOM. (Yes, there is a slight Braveheart reference in that.)
But mostly, what I mean, is that I am dedicating this year to freedom from entanglement, freedom from anxiety, freedom from fear. Instead, I will embrace my own freedom of choice, freedom of thought, freedom to enjoy life. 

So what about you? Any resolutions? Any themes? Remember, don't let the first month define your year. See a bigger picture. It's there.