Today, I am writing a post about a particular person who has impacted my life so much.

To one of my best friends, Steph. 

It is her birthday today and I wanted to celebrate her in a special way. So this post is to you, my dear. 

Thank you for being the person who knew when to drive me to the hospital when I needed help the most. 
Thank you for being a pillar of strength.
Thank you for just being you. 

Let me tell you about this woman. She fights the same demons that I do, as far as mental health goes. I'm pretty sure our demons get together every so often and have tea together. But no matter how hard they fight against us, she is fighting for herself and for our friendship. She fights for me and do my best to do the same for her. 

This amazing person is who is helping me manage my art show, as far as personal stuff goes, and is helping to manage me, which I know cannot be easy. She asks for nothing in return for helping me. She merely wants to see my dreams fulfilled and is ready to do what it takes to get there. 

Any time I get overly emotional, she is there to bring me back from the ledge. She is patient and trusting. And I trust her with my spirit. 

I hope to help her accomplish her dreams as well and see her flourish and have a fulfilled life, beyond what she could imagine. 

We share in a Dr. Pepper addiction. And it is all too often that we meet up and one of us has brought two drinks, so that we each have our own. 

Throughout my journey in our friendship, she has always encouraged me to be exactly who I am and never shunned me for being different or weird. (Except for that time I told her that I hated bacon. Yeah, she got a little bit upset about that. But now she realizes that means there's more for her, so she feels better about it.) 

I am so excited to see what God does with your life and where he takes you and the dreams you get to see come to fruition in your life. 

I love you very much. Have the most magnificent of days. 


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