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Hello and Happy New Year!


I know we are all glad that the unnamed last year is behind us. But I also know that just because the clocks and calendars have changed that doesn’t mean that the proverbial puzzle pieces will suddenly fall into place. Along the same theme, this fact means that we don’t ever have to wait for a new year, month, week, or day. We can choose change at any moment.


This quote that I recently came across helped my perspective greatly:

“Don’t stress so much about settling on a path for 2017. The division of time into years is a human invention, and the fact is every moment of every day is another opportunity for resolution and growth. So when the fireworks fly, relax and enjoy the moment. The rest will come to you. 
            - Beau Taplin

Know this: I am all for new beginnings. However, our calendar was created by us, by humans. That’s why it’s flawed. (Flawed: always 365 days, except not. Because every 4 years we have 366 days- an uneven calendar. We couldn’t separate time evenly.)

Yet! We have something even better!

We, in all its glory, have…days. Days! They happen one at a time. And they are clearly very real because we turn in a circle and the sun “sets” and “rises.” This means something very important for us: we never need to a new calendar to make changes. (Especially since the typical “New Year resolutions” don’t tend to last long.) We don’t even need a new month or to start over on Monday.

We were given the immense blessing of a simple thing that we call a day.

And no, tomorrow isn’t always kinder than today. But we can be. We can choose to be kinder as every new morning approaches. Whether our day begins while it is still dark or whether we let the sunbeams shine across our face and wake us up then, in that moment, as we slide from a subconscious state to being conscious of ourselves and of the world around us, we are handed a choice. A choice to be kind. And who does that start with? Ourselves – we have to be kind to ourselves. And honest. Don’t get me wrong; kindness does not mean we let ourselves be entitled or allow ourselves to be selfish. Our kindness needs to come with honesty.

Go through life armed with kindness and honesty and you will find ways to make the world a better place simply by being yourself.

And that makes for a pretty good life, I would say.

To be uniquely you. And to impact the world by doing so.

So instead of saying Happy New Year, I will say to you: Happy New Day! (Whatever day you choose that to be.)