Having just finished Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, I was so inspired that I busted out a painting like it was nothing. Want to learn about how to live creatively? Read her book. She puts into perspective that creative living doesn’t mean abandoning all you know to live on the street as a starving artist. But it also doesn’t come without learning to sacrifice. The reward, though, is worth so much more. Even if your creative living is something seemingly small, as long as you are committed to working at it every week, you can live a creative life and grow consistently.

            In the book, Gilbert addresses a wide audience, explaining the beauty of creative living to all types of people. She shares stories of people living as creatives and expressing who they are as they walk through life everyday.

            Creativity is not about being able to draw the perfect figure or write the perfect lyric. Creativity is about having a problem and being able to invent the tools to solve it. It is having a message that cannot be put into words clearly, so you convey it through an alternative form of communication.

            Gilbert’s message in the book talks about the reward of creative living being that “big magic” that happens in our lives. And until you experience the magic of creativity, no one can accurately describe it to you. It is an experience you can watch people have your entire life and never understand. But to let yourself be taken over by a creative spirit, just once, will embed in you a creative desire, a creative addiction that cries out for more. Except it’s not destructive; it’s additive; it’s creating; it’s growth and development.

            The beauty of the book does not stop at the message because Gilbert’s writing voice and style ad intrigue and wonder to every page.

            Thank you, Elizabeth Gilbert, for saying what the world needs to hear and being a voice for creatives everywhere. This book truly is Big Magic.