Scheduling. Scheduling my art, my life, my blog, and more.

It is not unknown that I am not the best at living by a schedule. However, I am quite aware of the fact that if I do not figure out a schedule for my life, I will not be able to make it through this summer AND accomplish all the goals I have planned. Although I understand that accomplishing every single thing is not necessary, I do want to have some semblance of success. Especially if the art show is going to happen near the end of summer. (Oops, did I just let that hint slip? I guess so!) 

Ok so a plan... what's my blogging plan? This week is a bit of a hullabaloo, but my goal is to have new posts every Tuesday and Friday for the next three months. After that, we will see how we need to adjust things. Hopefully, I can get to a point where I am posting three to four times a week, but the goal is at least every Tuesday and Friday. So feel free to ask where the posts are if I'm late. I need to be held to my word. 

Also, I am hoping to sneak an extra Sunday post in there each weekend, but for that, I make no promises. Sorry. I promise to do my best though!

Social media is going to be a thing again, too. I feel like I have a hard time staying on top of that, but I am hoping to program posts and keep up with them better. So if I don't respond on social media, be like "Yo! What's the deal??" And I'll step it up. 

As for the upcoming show and news related to that, everyone who subscribes will get the inside scoop and sneak previews, but as long as you keep up with the blog, you will get updates and info as it is released online for the public to consume. (Using that word, consume, I am picturing people just eating the internet...what does that look like? You might not want to's kinda scary looking...a little zombie like.) 

So the point is...organization is going to be an important key to my life this summer. If you have any organization tools or things that help you, please comment below! 

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