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I've probably spent more time looking out this window than doing anything else. The leaves in full bloom, trees arching over the tops of the glass, glistening water reflecting on the rooftop in the deepest night. In the winter, the trees turn bare and leave reflections on my bedroom floor as the sun descends. Throughout it all I've spent many hours simply sitting on my bed, in awe of simple beauty and light. 

inspirational window

Many people may think that dreams are sprung from intense reflection or drudging work, but oh so many of my dreams erupted from this window, these trees, this glass, that water. Simplicity may seem like our greatest enemy, but it's my dearest friend. 

Simplicity brought my walls bare and caused me to find a way to adorn them. 

paint and brush

Simplicity caused me to stay enclosed in a color palette and focus on shade rather than color. 


Simplicity decided to take hold of my work and bring out the natural details that all too often go unnoticed from our busy human eye. 


When people stare deeply into my sketches, entranced by details, all I see is simplicity. I see each stroke, all alike, all in uniform. They see detail, but I see simplicity. 

Would you like to know how the mind of the artist works? It takes the littlest of things and attempts to expand its beauty. The artist aims to take the glimmers of beauty she finds, and magnify their impact, so every commonplace person can see.

I've said before that an artist's main job is to make intangible emotions, tangible: real. And that's what I'm doing. As I stare out that window, clearing my head, calming my soul; I'm finding the emotion, identifying its imagery, and dreaming up a way to bring it to reality. 

Never begin to think that you're purpose or dreams are too simple, for it is out of simple things that beauty and greatness grow.

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